Guestbook Log

February 20, 2023

All the Whipples:

John & Mary,

We are so thankful for HEREWEGO to have our family gather for a surprise time together. Your place was the perfect lace to build our family connections. Door County in winter is beautiful & your location is just perfect!

We will definitely come again!

Thank you for this rich experience,

Teresa Whipple
Laura & Ella ♥
Rebecca & Baron ♥

October 7 – 14, 2022

October 7, 2022:

Mary & John,

Thank you so very much for a fabulous, fun and relaxing weekend. It was so wonderful us to spend this weekend up here with our family and visiting with the two of you! We were blessed with wonderful weather, beautiful scenery, our loving family and 2 very dear and generous friends. Thanks so very much for your loving and generous hospitality! Megan, Mark & Family ♥

October 14, 2022:

Mary & John,

Once again thank you for the great hospitality and opening & sharing “HereWeGo” with me! Very happy place for me. Extremely grateful I could spend time with both of you. Add me to the list of volunteers for Uncle Tom’s Candy Store. What a great company to represent. I really had fun at the booth and learned so much of the business and the history. Love you lots. xxoo Cathy (the carefree one)!

August 31 – September 5th

Here We Go has been a really nice place to:

Meet with Family, see sunrise, forget about home for a few days — play, laugh, and rest.

Thanks for all the hospitality of Mary & John. Thanks for all who participated in being here 🙂

We loved our time,

Katy & Bill

September 1 – September 5, 2022

Ann E Brebeck – 85 years young
John I. Brebeck 57 years old

It was a magical Labor Day weekend Thank you Mary & Big John.

  1. Gold at the Red Putter
  2. Chocolate from Uncle Tom’s!
  3. Koepsell’s
  4. Bea’s Cherry Pie
  5. Stars, Stars & more stars
  6. Chimney Logs
  7. Little green men on the roof!!!
  8. Shrimp, chicken & ribs
  9. Big John back pain
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